slow sheffield valentine's

slow sheffield valentine’s: what to do

Here’s the third in my guide on celebrating a slow Valentine’s in Sheffield. Maybe now you have an idea of what you’re eating and gifting, but what will you do?

If you’re locked down alone, Valentine’s Day – a day focused around relationships – is probably not something you’re hugely looking forward to, and you might be struggling to think of how you’ll occupy yourself.

Here are my suggestions of Sheffield-based activities to enjoy from sunrise to sunset.

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Make something

After breakfast (or while you’re waiting for it to be delivered), start the day off with a fun little relaxed activity, courtesy of a takeaway clay kit from Art House SheffieldGet creative – make a gift for yourself, your partner or a friend.

Unfortunately, Art House can’t accept projects back for firing until after lockdown. As an alternative, they suggest you can paint dry pieces with acrylics if you can’t wait that long!

I always feel more accomplished if I have something to physically show for my day, so I think this is a great one to go for if you’re feeling a bit low and at a loose end.

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Go for a walk

Once you’ve finished your masterpiece, get some fresh air.

Go for a stroll with a housemate or your partner, or go alone, taking some time for yourself or calling a loved one.

If you’re in Sheffield, stop off at some of the love-themed Sheffield spots marked below to experience the full V-day experience, then pick up lunch on the way home.

Also available in Google Maps.
If you’re a fan of this map, check out Street Art Sheffield for all the best murals and graffiti around the city!

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Set up an at-home spa

Once you’re back at home, wind down for the evening by setting up your own at-home spa situation.

Whether it’s just you, or you’re together with friends or a partner, set aside a bit of time for relaxation.

Light some candles, soak your feet, paint your nails, and put on a face mask.

Read my oat face mask tutorial for a DIY that uses simple ingredients you probably have to hand. This one’s brilliant if you have sensitive skin, and might even help you reduce waste.

drawing of an oat face mask, made from what would otherwise be food waste
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Settle in for a movie night

A trip to the cinema might normally be on the cards, so once you’re fully relaxed, get set for a movie night.

We can’t support our local cinemas in-person, but check out whether there’s any way you can help them out virtually.

If you’re Sheffield-based, support Showroom by checking out the range of films available online.

If you don’t fancy any of those, Showroom have also suggested their top LGBTQ+ picks for this month, perfect for Valentine’s.

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