slow (adv.): at a slow pace; slowly
sustainable | local | organic | whole(some)

Everything in life can sometimes feel a little too fast these days. We consume so much, so quickly, and our lifestyles can mean it seems hard to avoid that. Spending more time working and online means that it can feel like the rest of life is getting forced into a smaller and smaller window, which also isn’t great for our mental health.

The idea of this site is to create a space for living life at a slower pace. Posts centre on slow, low-waste, second-hand and handmade fashion, food and lifestyle, in Sheffield and further afield – think store and item recommendations, local guides, thrift flips, DIY tutorials and simple homemade recipes.

I’ve been a Sheffielder for around six years now, and I can see how much the city has to offer. There are so many great local people, businesses and places that I love to shout about.

I’m not a environmental subject-matter expert and I definitely haven’t achieved the goal of “zero” waste, so we’ll be learning together. If you’re on a budget, looking for ways to lower your environmental impact, need some DIY inspiration, or are just wanting to relax and browse, there should be something here for you.