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what’s the issue with food waste?

The amount we’re consuming and throwing away is harming the planet. But do you know about the impact of food waste specifically? Find out what the problem is, and what steps we can take to tackle it.

slow sheffield valentine’s

A three-part guide on celebrating a slow Valentine’s in Sheffield. In 2021, we couldn’t take trips away, visit loved ones, or even go out for the evening. But there were still ways to enjoy the day at home and in your local area.

easy ways to reuse waste

No revolutionary ideas to solve the food-waste crisis, but small, simple tips for reusing your personal waste that you can easily incorporate into your daily life.

why should we boycott Black Friday?

A few years ago, most of us had probably never even heard of Black Friday. Today, it’s almost unavoidable. Find out how it all started and why to boycott.

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