slow sheffield valentine's

slow sheffield valentine’s: what to eat and drink

Here’s the first in my guide on celebrating a slow Valentine’s in Sheffield.

On Valentine’s Day 2021, we couldn’t take trips away, visit loved ones, or even go out for food and drinks. But there were still a bunch of ways to enjoy some great food and drink at home and in your local area. If you’re not based in Sheffield, I’m sure there are a ton of great local businesses you can support too.

Take a look at my suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner and beyond, on Valentine’s or any other special day of the year. 

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Why celebrate Valentine's?

I know a lot of people aren’t that big on Valentine’s Day, and if I’m honest, I generally put myself in that category. It can seem like there’s a big pressure to spend a load of money on your partner and consume things you don’t actually need, or if you’re single, it can all feel a bit exclusionary and leave you feeling lonely.

But you know what, during a pandemic, why not put a date to look forward to in our calendar, and spread some (socially distanced) love around? It doesn’t matter whether it’s you, your partner, your friends, your family, your local community – give a little love to someone.

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Breakfast: Tamper

Kick off the day with a cook-at-home Valentine’s French Toast Bundle from Tamper.

Tamper is ordinarily one of my fave brunch and coffee spots. Sadly you’ll have to enjoy this one minus the cosy exposed-brick vibes, but if you’re subbing those surroundings for breakfast in bed, things aren’t so bad.

Order via CityGrab and get all the ingredients you need to make the breakfast of dreams, including toppings, smoothies, coffees and a mimosa pack. If you don’t fancy cooking, order the same, but already made-up.

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Lunch: Pom​

For lunch, I’d recommend picking up a bagel and Valentine’s-themed hot choc to go from legends of vibrant Aussie-inspired veggie and vegan food, Pom.

With their range of colourful food and drink, Pom will lift your mood even on a bad day.

Their super-decadent Valentine’s-themed options include Lovestruck Gingerbread (complete with giant vegan cookie), red velvet Dough Baby and Strawberry Cream.

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Dinner: No Name​

For dinner, take your chance to sample No Name, with their Valentine’s Takeaway menu.

Normally notoriously tricky to book into, try your luck with a finish-at-home version of what the highly rated bistro has to offer.

A vegetarian or meat option is available to pre-order in the week, for pick-up on Friday or Saturday evening.

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To finish: elm wine and cheese​

Round off your day with a wine and cheese course (why not?) from natural wine bar elm.

During the pandemic, elm have only been able to serve coffee, so it’s definitely worth hopping on this opportunity to try out some of the cheeses and natural wines they have to offer.

Head to the elm website to get your pre-order in ASAP.

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