march journal prompts

I’ve recently started really enjoying journaling. It helps me slow down and take a more conscious approach to life, which is what slow sheffield is all about!

I think using prompts makes things easier, so I’ve made a bunch of for myself for March, and thought I’d share. Use one a day, or pick and choose your favourites whenever you like, depending on your mood.

why journal?

I find journaling great for mental health, helping you slow down and reflect. It can also help you make more sustainable, thought-out choices in general.

But there can be a couple of issues with journaling. The main two I come across are:

a) finding a place to start writing
b) setting yourself difficult goals, like writing every day, then getting demotivated when you fail to keep up

That’s where these prompts come in. Narrowing the scope of what you’ll be writing about can make it easier to pick up a pen, and it can also direct your thinking in ways that you might not otherwise go.

These are numbered for each day of March, but don’t feel the pressure to keep up with them exactly if it doesn’t work for you. Use one a day, do them all at once, or pick and choose your favourites whenever it takes your fancy. Use the info I’ve provided in italics under each prompt, or take your own route. It’s completely up to you!

your journal prompts